Saturday, November 24, 2012

What's Wrong With Me, Anyway?

I'm cursed. It's a terrible curse, too. It's The Curse Of Always Having To Do Things The Hard Way. Woe is me.

So, I'm wandering around, minding my own business, cleaning up the house after the Thanksgiving madness. I thought about putting up the tree, but decided to wait until next weekend because, really, I'm just too tired after all of that tryptophan to do anything strenuous.

And then it occurred to me; I have the weekend free. Why not do a little piecing? Yeah, that's it! A little piecing! I've got a quick and easy table runner pattern that I've been thinking about making for several years. The first time I bought it was at a great little fabric shop in Kenai, Alaska called Robin's Place. I liked it, I bought it, I brought it home, I put it in a safe place, and I never saw it again. About 3 years after I bought it, I thought to myself "Hey! Where's that pattern?" and I turned my sewing room upside down looking for it. Nope, not here. Dang! So I called Robin's Place and bought it a second time. Naturally, two days after I ordered it, I found it sitting right there on the shelf where a blind person would have seen it. If it had been a snake it would have bit me and I'd be dead right now. So, now I've got two of this pattern and it's high time I make at least one of them.

Santa's Midnight Runner by Mount Redoubt Designs

I started digging through my stash, since 2012 was the Year of the Big Stash Reduction (fail!) and I am not allowed to buy any new fabric (fail again!). As I dug, and considered, and dug some more, and considered some more, it occurred to me that this table runner only has three tiny reindeer. Three?!? Everyone knows Santa has eight tiny reindeer. Nine, if you count Rudolph, which I do. With as many little nieces as I've got, there's no way I'm going to get away with making a Santa table runner that only has three reindeer on it. Curses. Foiled again.

And this is where the trouble started.

In the space of 14 seconds I went from working on a project that would have been done by Sunday night to working on a project that's going to take all week. Quickly realizing that if I added six more reindeer to this thing I'd have to use my table runner to line my driveway, because it would end up being about 42 feet long, I decided to change it from being a 17x52 table runner to being a 29x45 wall hanging. I will redraw the reindeer so they appear to be curving away from Santa's sleigh and heigh-hoing off into the wild blue yonder, diminishing in size as they curl away into the sky.

And speaking of sky, I decided that the background of four inch squares is too boring and the large size of the squares makes it too difficult to color shade that sky from deep purple-blue through rich cobalt into the rich turquoise that will be the background for the large silvery moon that the reindeer will be flying across and that will need to be carefully hand shaded with gleaming iridescent silver paint. So now my stupid sky is made up of 2 inch squares. About 40,000 of them. Sigh.

See what I mean about being cursed? Why didn't I just make the table runner and get it over with?

Here's where I began this morning

And here's where I ended tonight.

Tomorrow I will finish the layout and begin to sew all of those seams. Please send help.


  1. Oh Kimmy, I feel your pain. Going down that road has filled my closet with UFOs. However, I love the color gradation that you have going there. Enjoy.

  2. Oh thank you thank you thank you! I now feel like maybe I'm a touch more normal than I thought and will not enroll myself in the lunatic asylum this week. (worse than UFO's is my OCD personal rule of finishing every project before I can start a new one - finish it or throw it away, those are my only options - no UFO's but lots of time not particularly well spent)

  3. Just love the shading and the colors ... can't wait to see that silery moon ~ but you need some chocolate!

  4. Love how you are doing the color gradation! I would love to hear your "stream of consciousness" chatter and see pictures as you decide which little 2" square goes where and why. I love trying to do color gradation, but it doesn't turn out on the material like I have it in my head! I can't wait to see where you take your "enhancement" of this pattern!

  5. This. Is. Me. Exactly.

    And then I wonder why it takes me so long to get something done.

  6. It is going to be so fabulous! If it were me, I'd be thinking along the same lines, but I'd give up and go on to something else ;-) Thanks for sharing -- and good luck! Keep us posted.

  7. You*are*my*hero! My brain takes me down the same roads yours does. The difference is, I get overwhelmed and the pattern gets put back on the shelf because I don't have time to do the whole project "now", and can't seem to convince myself I can do it over a period of time and NOT be overwhelmed. You, my hero and friend, actually go through all the motions and follow the thought process all the way to what will be an amazing finished product! Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  8. Thanks, everyone. I will get this done. I have to. We have nowhere to eat until I get this off the table. LOL!

  9. Oh, Kimmy....It's such a serious addiction we are afflicted(?) with!!!!! There is help but first must come the admission....What,me?? Have a problem???? That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!! LOL!

  10. Kimmy,

    Robins Place Fabric is one of my favorite places to shop. I live in that town and have seen that pattern many times standing in front and contemplating purchasing it. Sorry to say I haven't. Can't wait until you show the finished project to see what I am missing.


  11. is Santa and the Reindeer coming along now that it is almost the middle of January?

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