Friday, June 1, 2012

Playing Catchup. Again.

Look! She's alive! It's a miracle.

As usual, the spring show season was nuts and I'm still sweeping up the rubble. The shows went well, as they usually do. However, I think I'm getting old. I did a lot of thinking while on the road and have decided that I'm definitely over this constant go-go-go schedule. There are 11 trips on my calendar this year and that's about 6 too many. I'll fulfill my 2012 obligations but starting in 2013 there will be far fewer shows on my calendar. There's a *huge* project in the works starting in late August and I'm hoping that this project will allow me to stay home a lot from now on. I think you're going to like it. Stay tuned :)

The black and white quilt was finished and named. 'No Grey Area' sold for $525 at the HMQS auction and is now in the collection of Vicki Anderson, owner of Meander Publishing. I liked it so well that I'm going to remake it in batiks and maybe make a pattern out of it if there's enough interest out there. Here are some pics of the finished product:

And, as an added bonus, it won third place! A very pleasant surprise, since I haven't even competed in over 7 years and certainly wasn't expecting to win anything.

In addition to No Grey Area, I was able to (at long last) finish Dresden Dahlias. This is the last of the quilts that I needed to make for the new DVD on borders, so those of you who have been patiently waiting for the DVD can sleep well tonight, knowing that I finally found time to finish the dang quilt! As soon as the photos are ready we can insert them in the filmed footage, wrap up the editing, and ship the whole shebang to the replicator. I'm crossing my fingers it won't take long.

These borders will be in the DVD...

...and these blocks will be featured in my mysterious summer project.

Next stop; the National Quilting Association Show in Columbus, OH. After that, I'll be home for 6 weeks and then it's off to Johannesburg!