Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Love To Quilt

Boy oh boy do I love to quilt. Love, love, love it. I love the peace and quiet in my studio, the way that time becomes meaningless as I work on my art, the excitment that I feel when it becomes clear that a design is really going to work. I really love it when the stabilization work is finished and I can start doing the filler work that makes my design pop, because then I can not only see the design with my eyes, I can feel it when I run my hands across it.

This week I've been working on the second of the two quilts for my next DVD. This is the one with the border design I was struggling with last week. As you can see, I came up with a completely new design which works *much* better for this quilt. It's far from finished (I just finished the stabilization work), and will require at least three more days of heavy quilting, but at least you can get an idea of the direction in which I've chosen to go.

I will definitely use the curved crosshatching design I drew out last week, just not on this quilt. It was too elaborate and ornate for this simple 1930's quilt and would have been completely overpowering. However, I believe that it will go perfectly with the Chimney Swallows quilt that I'm going to make and donate to the Riley Blake Challenge Auction at HMQS. That will be the next quilt you'll be reading about, as I plan to document it's design, construction, and quilting processes here on this blog. I promise to try really hard not to swear as I am paper piecing it. (mutter, mutter, mutter)

PS Go back to the photo and check out the Dresden Plates. I quilted them in much the same way as a Giant Dahlia is pieced. Cool, eh? You wouldn't believe the crazy cool texture it gives!


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  2. When I saw this on Facebook I thot to myself that it looked like a dahlia. I look forward to seeing more. I like it alot so far.

  3. I love that quilting design on the dresden plate...I almost missed that it was a dresden plate, which is unheard of . You have combined my two FAVORITE quilt patterns and I'm in awe! Amazing work!! Thanks for sharing....