Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And Then This Happened...

I have been so good for the past week and a half.

Articles have been written and submitted (BEFORE THE DEADLINE PASSED! OMG, it's a miracle.)

Quilts have been quilted.

The house has been cleaned and supplies have been purchased. (a family reunion at our house this coming Sunday with 40-50 people expected. Yikes.)

Supplies for my classes in Houston have been ordered and are on their way to me even as we speak.

A totally way cool new template that I've been thinking about and mulling over in my head for two years and which makes *such* a pretty design has been drawn up and is ready to be made into a prototype for testing. (thanks, Lisa Calle!)

I've made up a rough outline for my next radio interview. (Sept 19th on AllPeopleQuilt Radio with Pat Sloan!)

In short, I was being a model citizen. Until I found this.

This is nothing but a Very Bad Idea. A time sucking black hole. A terrible influence, from which there is no escape.

This is The LOL Cam on Facebook. Stay away from it, my friends. Stay away.


  1. You look gorgeous doll!
    Just like to say thank you for all your tips on the Yahoo Avante group. I bought a new Avante a couple of months ago after owning a Tin Lizzie 18LS for a couple of years. I am thrilled with this wonderful machine! Fabulous wheel and track system. Your tips and input on the Yahoo group have been really helpful, thanks for taking the time in your no doubt very busy life. Cheers from Australia, Rowena