Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Design Work; Rough Draft

As soon as I drew this basic layout last night, I knew it was 'it.' I love the way the circles extend out into the borders, completing the circles begun in the blocks. I love the way the curvy line moves through the border, drawing the eye along with it. I love the way the design frames the quilt and I love how the whole thing just flows together as if it were all planned as a single unit. Like I said, this is so totally 'it.' Now all I have to do is fill in the blank parts and figure out which thread goes where.

I plan to do a lot of thread work and significantly alter the look of the plain black fabric in the border, but I do want some of the fabric to 'pop' and will use the negative space technique to accomplish this. By running a 1/2 inch wide double spine along that curvy line, the black border fabric will have a chance to show off and when drawing it out today I decided to add little curvy points outside of each circle, to add interest and variation to that double spine. Because I still have not given up entirely on the Moons and Stars quilting idea, I tried drawing Mariners Compass type stars in each circle shape and found that they look pretty good, so I framed them with curvy double spined diamonds that help to fill the space. They'll be stitched out in black Fine Metallic. I still don't know how I'll fill in the background area of those circles, but I find that this sort of problem usually solves itself once I start stitching.

The curved crosshatching will be stitched in pink/orange/gold Maui Sunset variegated thread, to play up the pink fabrics used in the top and right now I'm thinking that in the as yet to be designed outer border area, I'll sprinkle some little round moon shapes that are filled with stars. The rest of that area will be filled with some sort of a filler yet to be determined. All of this will be stitched in the blue/purple/turquoise Mediterranean variegated thread, except for the little round moons, which will (probably) be black metallic.

A lot of thinking and planning got done today, but not much drawing, as I spent the day running necessary errands. Tomorrow I'm going to be up and at 'em early, so hopefully a lot of work will get done. It better, as I have to leave for filming on Sunday morning and this quilt is coming with me!

Here's the rough draft. It should give you a good idea of what the finished border will look like. As always, click to enlarge if you'd like a better view.


  1. Seriously - can I have some of your brain power - please?

  2. I was just thinking the same thing, Alycia!