Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Cast Of Characters

The piecing is finished and the fun part is about to begin! Woohoo!

The quilt is a Drunkard's Path variation based on a quilt I saw on Ballarat Patchwork's blog in 2008. I cut the blocks using my Accuquilt Go! cutter (love it!) and it went together perfectly. The batik fabrics are absolutely to die for and are all from Sew Batik They're the softest, most workable batiks I've ever used and are not at all stiff and cardboardy like so many batiks out there. Try them. You'll never want to use anything else.

When adding the border, I felt that the blocks flowed into the border too much and there needed to be something to stop the quilt. A stop border was just too much 'stop', so I made some teeny tiny handmade piping out of leftover pink batiks and then went back and ladder stitched it with Turquoise YLI Fine Metallic thread to tie together the pinks and blues, add a little pop of color, and add a crisp delineation between the quilt's interior and it's border. Depending on how I end up quilting the border, I may r may not add another line of piping between the border and binding, only that piping will be made from leftover blues and will be ladder stitched with pink. Maybe.

Tools to get this quilt started (more will be added later, I'm sure); Three circle templates in various sizes. Six Melon templates in various sizes. Carol Selepec's Multipurpose Ruler for measuring smaller areas. A large Fiskars rotary cutting ruler for measuring larger areas. A norebook filled with design ideas that I drew out while driving up with Mr. Kimmy to our son's college town to help him clean his apartment in preparation for moving to Animal House, oh excuse me, I meant The Lake House. (did you know that college age boys apparently do not clean their apartments? Like, ever? Wow. Gross.) A seam gauge to help with accurate marking of double spine lines. A Fons and Porter mechanical chalk pencil (I would surely perish without this tool). YLI thread as follows; Variegated Machine Quilting thread in Mediterranean and Maui Sunset. Fine Metallic in Black, Carnation, and Turquoise. Iris in black, hot pink and bright blue. Variations in Caribe.

And most importantly, I have George and Brad. Where would I be without them? They are so helpful. Also, they are not bad looking, if you happen to go for the extraordinarily handsome and charming type. When I'm pinning on a new quilt I like to have Ocean's 11 running in the background because the music is so fabulous and the dialogue is so fast paced and witty. Not because of the extraordinarily handsome and charming men. It's all about the music and dialogue. Yeah, that's it. Music and dialogue. Ahem.

I'm off to get the quilt loaded and tomorrow will have pics of the beginning stages of the design layout process. Stay tuned!

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