Monday, December 13, 2010

Why Getting Almost 2 Feet of Snow is a Very Bad Idea

Wow, what a week that was! From Tuesday through Friday, my web site had a sale that went viral, which is great, and I spent every waking moment packaging orders, which is even better. (and explains the lack of posts on this blog)

Then, over the weekend, we got some snow. Here in Minnesota, we normally don't care too much about snow because, well, it's Minnesota. If you live here you know that the only month it's never snowed is July, and this isn't July so, really, what can we expect? Anyway. It started snowing Friday evening and it forgot to stop. As you might have heard, we got kind of a lot. So much, in fact, that the roof of the Metrodome caved in from the weight. Here's a link to a video, if you haven't seen it yet. Metrodome Cave-In

At our house, the roof didn't cave in (whew!) but we did briefly lose a snowmobile. Once the snow stopped, the wind started howling, which formed huge drifts everywhere (the drift at the end of my street is so tall that I have to pull my SUV more than halfway out into the intersection before I can see if there's any oncoming traffic. I wonder how long it will take before I get broadsided?) and one drift totally buried the Arctic Cat. Jenna, the trooper that she is, went out with a shovel to see if she could find it. In this picture, she has uncovered the top half, but she still has to dig out the bottom half and then dig a path to drive out of the drift.

The snow is interfering just a wee bit with the view from our windows...

And it doesn't look like we'll be sitting on the lawn swing any time soon...

But other than that, it's just December in Minnesota.

The fabric postcards are almost finished. Since the roads were closed for most of the weekend, I put on my comfy flannel jammie pants, stayed home, and baked Christmas cookies and sewed. (yay!) Eight postcards from the end, I ran out of silver Sulky Sliver but managed to find some old turquoise and blue spools of Sliver from about 15 years ago. This did not have a happy ending. The thread on the old spools was so fragile that I could only stitch an inch at most before the thread would either begin to shred or just snap completely. Shred, shred, shred, snap. What a drag. So today I'll run to JoAnns and get some new Sliver and come home to try to see if I can somehow restore my tension settings and get the postcards done and in the mail.

I bought this fridge magnet at Houston. It sums up my outlook on life so perfectly.

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  1. That is a LOT of snow!! Glad you were able to sew and cook though!