Monday, December 6, 2010

Well, now. That was a welcome break!

Playing with the fabric postcards yesterday was a welcome break in what has become an all-too-familiar busy schedule. I just love those spontaneous little 'mini vacations'! While I absolutely do love my job, it was nice to take some time away to do some creative work, blow the spiderwebs out of my head, and give me a little break in the schedule of editing the new DVD.

Amazing Video Man Kirk and I have taken the four hours of original footage and edited it down to 2:11:54 meaning that I still need to whittle away about 20 more minutes so we have time for voiceovers, photo insertion, chapters, credits, etc. If we have over 2:30:00 of footage, we'll have to make 'Bordering On Lunacy' a two DVD set and I'd rather not do that. Editing is so agonizing. Do you have any idea how painful it is to watch yourself doing the same thing over and over and over? Not to even mention the fact that I say "Okay!" about once every three seconds while being filmed and we have to search out and listen for every single one of those annoyingly perky little "Okay!"s so we can delete them. I think everyone should have to watch themselves on video. It teaches you really fast about your irritating habits. LOL!

Jodie Davis asked if I'd like to appear on Quilt It! The Longarm TV Show again. Boy, would I! It was so much fun last year that I'd love to do it again. The fantastic team at Handi Quilter hosts the filming and there is just no way that anyone could ever do a better job than they do. So now all I have to do is come up with an idea for another segment. And make some quilts, and buy new TV clothes, and lose 50 pounds by February, and, and, and...

I finally finished unpacking everything from the Fall shows and found some gently used Large Melon and Nested Circle Templates from my hands-on classes in Houston. If you're interested in buying these at a deeply discounted price, head to the web site, click on Shop, click on Gizmos and Gadgets and look for the Scratch and Dent Templates. There aren't very many, and they'll go fast, so if you're interested you'd better go quick! :)

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