Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Postcards

Vicki Welsh, who has a really cool and inspirational blog, has got me totally hooked on fabric postcards. Postcards are a fun, fast, satisfying (and did I mention addicting?) project that allows you to use up a lot of smaller, hard-to-use fabric bits and also gives you complete freedom to mess around with new stuff.

I just love messing around with new stuff.

On these Christmas postcards, I messed around with Paintsticks, snowflake stencils, Stewart Gill glitter paints, and a whole bunch of old Sulky metallic thread. I made a big glorious mess, got deep blue paint stuck under all of my fingernails, and had a blast.

Following Vicki's lead, I laid out my fabric, stenciled and painted and dabbed away, moveing from dark to light, adding layer after layer of snowflakes to my fabric. Once everything had dried, I used Mistyfuse (love it!) to fuse my fabric to Timtex. For the back of the postcards, I started with a plain white muslin, fused it to the opposite side of the Timtex, foiled it with silver foil to create a snowflake on each card, then used a silver felt tip marker to divide the space for addressing. Like this:

The unfinished edges looked a little raw, so I dug through my thread stash, found some old spools of Sulky Silver Sliver metallic and overcast the edges of the cards to dress them up a bit. Spending my Sunday sitting next to the window, listening to Christmas music on my ipod, watching the real snow fall while adorning my snowy postcards with silvery tinsel has definitely improved my holiday spirit.

The tinselly edges give a much cleaner, crisper finish to the cards, and I am very happy with how they're turning out.They just need some Swarovski crystals and they'll be perfect! Here's a peek at some almost-finished pieces;

Thank you, Vicki, for giving me a kick in the fanny and sending me out to play with my new toys!

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